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Why do pregnant vegans need extra information and support?

The world’s largest organisation of nutritionists has confirmed that a vegan diet can be perfectly healthy for pregnancy and beyond. However, no matter how many professional bodies and nutritionists support the idea of fully vegan pregnancy, the truth is that people do have strong feelings about both veganism and pregnancy.

This means that even experienced vegans may encounter doubt, hostility, skepticism and even bullying or abuse on their pregnancy journey.

Having high-quality information to hand can help enormously when your ethical choices are belittled or doubted while trying to do your best for your baby and animals.

Another reason to be well-informed about vegan pregnancy issues is that we don’t live in a vegan world.

We live in a world where basic nutritional needs for pregnancy are expected to be filled by animals.

This means that we need to work a little harder and smarter, in order to get the very best nutrition for ourselves and our baby vegans.