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Portfolio of my work across the private and non-profit sectors.

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As a seasoned Digital Marketing Consultant with a rich background in the nonprofit sector, I bring over 6 years of dedicated experience in transforming digital spaces into powerful platforms for storytelling and engagement. My expertise spans a comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools, including advanced Google Ads management, SEO/SEM optimizations, and social media strategy, all underpinned by a deep commitment to advancing charitable causes through impactful online presence.

Beyond my certification in Google Ads, my skills extend to WordPress website development, graphic design, and the production of engaging POS prints, allowing me to offer a holistic digital marketing service. Having led numerous successful campaigns for a variety of organizations, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities of digital marketing in the nonprofit landscape. I’m passionate about using my skills to help organizations amplify their message, engage their community, and drive meaningful action. If you’re looking for a digital marketing partner who combines strategic insight with a creative touch to deliver results that matter, let’s connect and make a difference together.

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Monsta Media Group
A Digital Agency Focused On Vision, People, Branding & Revenue Acceleration · Top Notch Services

15 Square Logo
15 Square is a UK Based Mens heath charity.
15 sq in. Is the amount of tissue that can be lost to circumcision.
They are an international human rights advocacy group, who seek improved standards in men’s healthcare.
They set out to protect boys and men and their foreskins.
Registered Charity: #1072831
S.A.G.E logo
S.A.G.E Sexuality and Gender Empowerment

Lesley Roberts Author A is for alex

On 24 November, 2017 Lesley became a member of the club no parent wants to join, that of a bereaved mum of a much loved son who died by suicide aged 23.
Her book ‘A is for Alex‘ describes Alex’s suffering and my heartbreak at losing my wonderful boy.

ak troy bobcat Logo

If you are looking for a great earthmoving contractor and want to support local business  on the Central Coast NSW Take a look at A & K Troy Bobcat & Tipper Hire  tel: 0412000665

Warnervale Uniting Church logo

We are the Uniting Church based at Warnervale NSW, a small but growing community of people following Jesus Christ and
God’s call to live with faith, hope and love in the world.
We seek to reflect God’s love and the life of Jesus by participating in and walking with our local

Vyral media logo
VYRYL create written content that people just love to share.
We specialise in niche humour and long-form blog posts.


the grownups logo

The Grownups is a satirical news website for UK readers over 30.

vegan pregnancy & breastfeeding Logo

Pregnant vegans, vegan parents-to-be and vegan breastfeeders – this site is all for you! We’re exploring all of your needs to be your best pregnant vegan self!

plantbased bitch logo

The Vegan Onion
Satire for the Vegan community

Our aims are to make vegans laugh and to make people who are not vegan question their beliefs around animal exploitation.
We also want to showcase other plant based vegan content.

The Bodyguards logo

International Coalition
for the Abandonment of Sexual Mutilation

The Bodyguards was founded in May 2020
AIM – The Bodyguards’ aim is to bring an end to any modification of a sexual organ or sex characteristic carried out on an individual without their free and informed consent, and without medical necessity. The Bodyguards also aims to provide support to sufferers of sexual modification.

PURPOSE – The Bodyguards’ ethical framework prioritizes the alleviation of suffering, and as such, it aims to end all physical and psychological suffering associated with modification of a sexual organ without consent, and especially that inflicted on children.

Contract Ended ( Nov 2021)

Breaking news, advice & resources from the fertility world

Who are Best Fertility Now?

Fertility media company, writing all about Male & Female fertility factors, global and personal interest stories, science, mental & physical health, all to give you access to support and advice on your fertility journey.

They span all forms of media to bring you a new dimension to how you access and engage with the fertility world.

Omnium” means a particle of the whole. No existing entity can be truly understood separately or outside the whole. It is on such principle of universal coherence and interconnectivity that the OMnium University™, the Healing & Media Centers as well as the OMnium Foundation™ were created by Caroline Cory in 2005. OMnium introduces a new paradigm in the study of Consciousness, Spirituality, Energy Medicine and Experiential Learning. See also – unconditional gifting platform as well as, the entertainment division that supports the same principle of universal connection and coherence.